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Our Pathway to Wellness

Our family walked through two decades of escalating, severe mental illness with one of our children, while I’ve gone through thirty-two years dealing with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.  Instead of focusing on the hopelessness of the situations, I began educating myself in a new way to look at health. 


Diane Borders

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

Certificate in Homeopathy Consulting (CHC)

Certificate in Iridology Consulting (CIC)

Certificate in Wellness Consulting (CWC)

When we see a group of symptoms, we need to find out where the body is not doing its job well.  The symptoms are signs that somewhere inside, the body is not performing the right steps in the proper order necessary to maintain our health.  This is the what and the why behind helping us to know what we can do to support our body. It helps us zero in on where the body is not doing its job well. 

Consider environmental factors along with pathogens, and methylation.  Methylation issues may affect how well your body actually performs environmental and pathogenic clearance. 

What I discovered through research was the science of genetics and the methylation pathway. This is a central pathway in our body that affects a wide range of health conditions. This information was instrumental for our health and recovery.


Methylation is involved in almost every bodily reaction.  Knowing where we can better support our health, helps to reduce symptoms. The support for this pathway comes by understanding our body’s individual nutrient needs.  Specific nutrients help aid this biochemical pathway to do its job more efficiently. Each region is supported by specific nutrients. You can see that knowing where you may need support gives you a road map to improved health.

After supporting this biochemical pathway with nutrients, added slowly over time, our child began to recover in many specific ways. The hallucinations and delusions endured, began to fade. After two years of targeted support, the voices that followed for so many years also stopped.

Through the support of New Mutant, you’ll learn about the influence of methylation on your health, how to test your genetics, testing options, what the results mean, and the next steps in looking at the potential impacts for your health.  The more information you have, the more power and control you have over your health and wellness choices.

                                                            Always work with and defer to your doctor.


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