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Many of us have journeyed through health struggles for ourselves or loved ones. The degree of our health battles may make us feel isolated. However, our illnesses can also motivate us to search for answers.  I believe those of us who have endured health hardships, can come out of the battle stronger, wiser, more caring and compassionate, and with knowledge to share with others.


Consider 3 major areas for wellness: Environment, Pathogens, and Genetics (Methylation).


First: Environment: Gut, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Pesticides, Diet, Stress, Sleep.

Second:  Pathogens:  Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic.

Third:  Genetics:  Methylation support

Consider cell wall integrity, the foundational key areas associated with the environment, and elemental mineral levels. Methylation can impact all of the areas listed, so folding this in to your health journey is key.  Let me help you focus your attention in these areas, and educate and guide you on a new pathway to address health. 

I work to educate you on your journey, asking that you always work with and defer to your doctor. 


All appointments are via ZOOM beginning May 1, 2023. 

New Mutant LLC

Diane Borders, HHP, CHC, CIC, CWC

A holistic way to improve your health.

Let New Mutant show you a new way to look at recovering health:
  • Methylation Pathway

    • Testing Options​

    • Results Analysis

    • Protocol Planning

  • Wellness Consulting

Wellness Options:


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